Price list 1016 Granite counter tops India/Canada

Price list 1016 Granite counter tops India/Canada

We are a major manufacturer and supplier company for Granite and Marble products. We have headquarters in Jodhpur Rajasthan, (famous for the unique natural stones) India. We are the sole supplier of granite tables from North India supplying goods to Canada .

Our products include construction tiles, large size dining tables, table tops Counter tops etc.  We can also process the goods according to customers' individual needs.  We process orders on LC. We offer very much competitive and reasonable           rates.

As required by you we can supply 96" X 26" COUNTER TOPS of high quality good colors . We can provide 2 cm thick polished, full bull nose edge, cut to size granite COUNTER TOPS, 4” high back splashed .

In order to make you familiar with our goods, I am hereby quoting price of our products. All price of stone are in Canadian dollars. 

                  Unit Price: FOB Toronto ,Canada (Duty is not include)  

    1) Absolute Black          Canadian Dollars 10.00/sq ft   

    2) Levander Blue          Canadian Dollars 9.50/sq ft   

    3) Tan Brown                Canadian Dollars 9.50/sq ft   

   4) Indian Juparana        Canadian Dollars 9.50/sq ft   

   5) Paradiso                   Canadian Dollars 9.50/sq ft   

   6) Mokalser Green         Canadian Dollars 9.00/sq ft   

We manufacture the material as per order in about 20 days. Further transportation needs about 30 days to reach Toronto (this may vary  depending on the vessel carrying company).

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