Price list 1180 Granite tiles India

The below are the rates for each type of granite tiles of size 305 x 305 x 10 mm for CIF and FOB:

Sl. No. Type Polish Type            CIF       FOB

1. Black Export Quality               4.85      4.51 Polish
Tin Oxide Polish                                          4.96               4.61

2. Galaxy Export Quality                       5.33               4.97 Polish
Tin Oxide Polish                                            5.43               5.08

3. Tan Brown Export Quality       4.85             4.51 Polish
Tin Oxide Polish                                  4.96             4.61

4. Sapphire Export Quality                   4.98               4.62 Brown Polish
Tin Oxide Polish                                  5.08               4.73

5. Ruby Red Export Quality               5.33               4.97 Polish
Tin Oxide Polish                                 5.43               5.08

Export Quality Polish: It is the typical polish done to the Export Quality Material
Tin Oxide Polish: This polish is done over the Export Quality Polish to achieve a much better glossy look than the previous one.

FOB - Chennai Port, India
CIF - SFO Port/ LA Port, CA, USA

We are exporter of granite tiles, slabs and raw blocks available in the areas of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka in India. The company is committed to Product Quality, Time Schedules and Customer Service.
In the above quotation the granite tiles are calibrated to the size 305 x 305 x 10 mm with chamfered edges. Grooving of the tiles can also be done on request at the same cost.

We also supply tiles of different sizes e.g. 610 x 305, 610 x 610 with different thickness. We also supply tiles with custom sizes to your specific requirement.

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