(US$) Polished Slab 2 cm40x40x1.3 cm53x53x1.3 cm60x60x1.3 cm3/4'' thick (1.905cm)60.9x60.9 cm45.7x45.7 cm40.7x40.7 cm30.4x30.4 cm
Amazon Green22.5526.3727.1329.81Amazon Flower84726860
Arabesco26.3727.9029.0430.57Amazon Star91787466
Araguaia Red35.1638.6040.8944.33Blue Star73636054
Blue Bahia290.00URURURCafé Da Amazonia62535044
Brasilia Red39.3640.1342.4245.86Marron Castor86747062
Brown Pearl20.6423.3124.0829.81     
Butterfly Green25.0026.5027.8029.501/2'' thick (1.27cm)60.9x60.9 cm45.7x45.7 cm40.7x40.7 cm30.4x30.4 cm
Candeias Green33.2534.7836.6941.27Amazon Flower92807668
Capri Yellow27.4528.6029.3031.20Amazon Star99868274
Crystal Grey21.4022.9324.8431.72Blue Star80696658
Floral Brazil22.5524.4625.6030.19Café Da Amazonia68595648
Goias Pink36.6937.0739.3642.80Marron Castor94827870
Gold Yellow28.5029.7030.9632.20     
Ipanema Beige24.8425.2226.7535.16Polished Slab 2cm30 days credit60 days credit90 days credit 
Juparana Diamond27.3028.8029.9631.60Amazon Flower727681 
Marfim25.6028.2829.8131.34Amazon Star788388 
Nevada Black31.2032.4033.5534.80Blue Star636771 
Quarzite White27.9030.1931.7235.16Café Da Amazonia535659 
Royal Grey21.4022.9323.6929.04Marron Castor747883 
Royal Yellow29.0430.1931.7234.78     
Sahara White39.7441.6543.9547.77     
San Gabriel Black32.4833.6335.1639.74     
Santa Cecilia29.8131.7233.2537.83Notes:* for commercial material please deduct 15%+105 on the price above.
Ubatuba Green25.2229.8131.3433.63          * for the industrial materials please deduct 20%+20% on the prices above.
Vitoria White28.6529.9031.4533.60           *for the slabs of 3.0cm thick please increase 40% on the prices above
1- All Prices are FOB Santos, Brasil.
2- All Prices are in US$ per m2.
3- All Prices are subject to changes without notice.
4- Special Sizes are available under request.
5- All materials will comes in wooden boxes to reduce the damages during transportation
6- UR : Under Request.
7- A super tested container will load approximately around 450m2 of slabs and 600 to 800 m2 of tiles.
8- A super tested container will load approximately around 450m2 of slabs and 600 to 800 m2 of tiles.

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