Price list 977 Granite slabs India

Please find below the prices for your required granites tiles and slabs.
For random slabs - Size- 9' X 5' X 20mm-
Delivery 15 days after purchase order.Price for Indian Granite for Main Port USA or EuropeBlack galaxy-$8.75/sq.ft.
Colombo Juaparana-$5.00/sq.ft
Kashmir gold-$5.20/sq.ft
Kashmir white-$4.60/sq.ft
Seaweed green-$5.20/sq.ft
Absolute Black -$6.50/sq.ftSize- 9'-0 X 5'-0 X 20mm. Minimum qty.
For 30mm slabs add 30%
For tiles- Delivery 15 days.12"X12"X10mm for all famous Indian granite colors in ready stock.Black Galaxy- USD3.50/sq.ft.
Absolute Black - USD3.50/sq.ft.
Paradiso - USD3.50/sq.ft.
Kashmir Gold- USD3.50/sq.ft.
Kashmir white- USD3.50/sq.ft.
Imperial white or White Galaxy- USD3.50/sq.ft.
Daisy Blue or Lavender Blue- USD3.50/sq.ft.
Still Grey- USD3.50/sq.ft.
Saphire Blue- USD3.50/sq.ft.
Colombo Juparana -USD3.50/sq.ft.
Seaweed Green ( Same like Uba Tuba)-USD3.50/sq.ft.
Tiger Skin - USD3.50/sq.ft.
Ruby Red- USD3.50/sq.ft.
RBI Red- USD3.50/sq.ft.
Imperial Red- USD3.50/sq.ft.
Lakha Red - USD 4.00/sq.ft.Above price C&F.  All Main port of  USA.

For 12" X 12" X 20mm thick tiles  please add USD0.50 in above offer.All tiles chamfered, calibrated, grooved (if require), polished in line polished plant.
Sample cost and courier charges to be borne by  the buyer.

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