Price list 726 Granite slabs China

We have red, white, black grantie block in our stock and we have any size tiles, 
Each color we have more than 5000M2. you can check our quotation  of slabs.
About gravestone, we have Japanese style, Asia style, and EU style.


Slab & Flagstone Quotation
Number Goods Original Color USD/M2
CL-A50001 G606 China light yellow 24
CL-A50002 G623 China white flower 25
CL-A50003 G654 China blue 33
CL-A50005 G635 China light red 27
CL-A50007 G562 China red 33
CL-A50008 G640 China light red 27
CL-A50011 G657 China pink 29
CL-A50014 G682 China light yellow 33
CL-A50016 G686 China red 33
CL-A50018 G648 China red 26
CL-A50031 New Imperial  India red 73
CL-A50032 Baltic Sea Flower Finland light yellow 60
CL-A50034 Verde Fountain South Africa light green 65
CL-A50036 Blue Pearl Norway blue 60
1. Size:2400up*1400up*20      
 2. The price is FOB Xiamen.

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