Price list 764 granite slabs Brazil

 Slabs 2cm USD/ 2 cm USD/ 3cm USD/ 3cm USD/
Black / Preto    
Preto indiano / Black Indian39.8027.0055.7238.90
Preto São Gabriel / San Gabriel Black44.8031.3062.7043.80
Yellow / Amarelo    
Amarelo Floral / Giallo Floral85.0059.50119.0083.30
Amarelo Fiorito / Giallo Fiorito39.8027.3054.6037.80
Amarelo Florença / Giallo Florence39.8027.3054.6037.80
Amarelo Icaraí / Icarai Yellow37.5025.9051.8036.10
Amarelo Ornamental / Ornamental Yellow37.5025.9051.8036.10
Amarelo Ouro Brasil / Gold Brasil44.8030.8061.6043.10
Amarelo Santa Helena / Sta Helena Yellow36.8025.2050.4035.20
Amarelo São Francisco / San Francisco Yellow36.8025.2050.4035.20
Amarelo Topazio / Topazio Yellow36.8025.2050.4035.20
Giallo Maracuja36.8025.2050.4035.20
Giallo Antico37.9025.9050.4035.20
Carioca Gold39.8027.3054.6037.80
Artus Gold85.0059.50119.0083.30
Green / Verde    
Verde Labrusco / Labrusco Green31.8021.7043.4030.10
Verde Labrador / Labrador Green31.8021.7043.4030.10
Verde Ubatuba / Ubatuba Green31.8021.7043.4030.10
Verde Peacock / Peacock Green31.8021.7043.4030.10
Brown / Marron    
Café Imperial / Imperial Cooffee61.8042.7085.4059.50
Marron Bahia / Brown Bahia61.8042.7085.4059.50
Ócre Itabira / New Caledonia22.8015.9630.8021.00
Red / Vermelha    
Vermelho Brasilia / Brasilia Red38.9027.2353.2037.10
Vermelho Jacaranda / Jacaranda Red38.9027.2353.2037.10
Azul Turquesa / Blue Turquesa95.0066.50133.0093.10
Branco Polar / Polar White69.8048.3096.6067.20
Bege Bahia / Beige Bahia52.8036.9072.8050.40
Cinza Ipanema / Ipanema Gray23.5016.4032.5022.40
Branco Arabesco / Arabesco White32.8022.4044.8030.80
Material without resin
Resin / U$5,00 per square meter
1 - All prices are subject to change and negotiation;
2 - Granites are NATURE PRODUCTS, and may show veins, different colors and shades and cannot be refused according to what has been negotiated;
3 - All prices FOB Vitoria/ES or Rio de Janeiro/RJ - Brazil;
4 - Payment condition: At Sight / Letter of Credit / Telegraph Transfer;
5 - Transportation into Open Top or Dry Box 20' cntr;
6 - As slabs can have some with different sizes, letter of credit must admit a discrepancy of more or less 10%.

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