Price list 604 Granite slabs India

Sl. No.MaterialGranite Random Slabs
  20 mm30mm
1Red Multi Colour3.254.05
2Paradiso Classico4.505.60
3Tan Brown3.604.50
4Indian Juprana3.504.30
5Kuppam Green3.254.05
6Black (Supreme)6.308.25
7Black (Premium)5.807.50
8Black (Regular)4.505.85
9Black Galaxy(Supreme)8.0010.50
10Black Galaxy(Regular)7.509.75
11Black Galaxy(Single Line)6.007.80
12Himalayan Blue4.255.30
13Indian Dacota3.754.70
14S.K.Blue (Vizag Blue)4.005.00
15Colombo Juprana4.255.30
16Kashmir White4.005.00
17Raw Silk(Pink)4.505.60
18Safair Brown4.255.30
19Seaweed Green4.255.30
20Visconte White3.754.70
21Bash Paradiso4.005.00
22Tropical Green4.906.10
23Madurai Gold4.505.60
24Ivory Brown5.006.25
25Summer Blue4.505.60
26Kashmir Gold4.255.30
27Shiva Gold4.755.90
28May Flower4.005.00
29Vyara Juprana4.755.90
30Silver Grey3.504.30
 Terms & Conditions :  
1) The prices for slabs are in US $ per Sq.Ft. FOB Chennai Port, duly packed.
2) Payment Terms: Against "Confirmed L.C." 
3) Sizes: Length 240 and Width 120 Up 
4) Special Condition: This Price-List is subject to change without any prior intimation