Price list 572 granite counter tops China

96"*36"*3/4" Island top, 2cm. Lamination and bullnose finish on all 4 sides
Foreign MaterialsUSD/PCChina MaterialsUSD/PC
Black Galaxy180.00Shanxi Black120.00
Blue Pearl180.00Sesame Grey79.00
Indian Blue180.00Spray White112.00
Indian White180.00G68287.08
Baltic Brown130.00  
Emerald Pearl150.00  
96"*18"*3/4" Bar Top, 2cm. Lamination and bullnose 3 side (2 long and 1 short) 
Foreign MaterialsUSD/PCChina MaterialsUSD/PC
Black Galaxy68.33Shanxi Black50.00
Blue Pearl68.33Sesame Grey28.00
Indian Blue66.80Spray White37.10
Indian White66.80G68228.00
Baltic Brown49.30Tiger Skin White28.00
Emerald Pearl60.72Tiger Skin Yellow28.00
96"*18"*3/4" Bar Top, 2cm. Lamination and bullnose 3 side (2 long and 1 short)  with 1 pc 4" backsplash
Foreign MaterialsUSD/PCChina MaterialsUSD/PC
Black Galaxy83.23Shanxi Black60.80
Blue Pearl83.23Sesame Grey34.10
Indian Blue81.30Spray White45.20
Indian White81.30G68234.10
Baltic Brown60.00Tiger Skin White34.10
Emerald Pearl73.92Tiger Skin Yellow34.10

Countertops price list
96"x26"x3/4" with 2cm laminated bullnose
Materials/China origin USD/PC
Peacock Green61.00
Leopard Skin62.10
Spray White52.90
Tiger Skin White40.25
Tiger Skin Yellow40.25
Ever Green80.50
Shanxi Black74.75
Sesame Grey40.25
Foreign Materials USD/PC
Indian Blue101.20
Indian White101.20
Tan Brown74.75
Multicolor Red87.40
Café Imperiable122.00
Blue Pearl103.50
Giallo Fiorito101.20
Multicolor Purple89.70
Black Galaxy103.50
Imperial Brown125.30
Baltic Brown74.75
Emerald Pearl92.00
Giallo Cecillia92.00
Giallo SF Real96.60

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