Price List 429 Granite tiles and counter tops China

Granite counter top

Specification: 2cm thick polished, full bull nose edge, cut-to-size granite   countertops, 4" high backsplashes and maximum of two cut-outs ( sink and/or cook top) 

                                     Unit Price: FOB XIAMEN CHINA    

    1) Light Gray            (G603)     USD 2.35/sq ft   

    2) Snow Grey           (G623)     USD 2.40/sq ft   

    3) Gold Coast           (G682)     USD 2.50/sq ft


Granite tile
Specification: 24" X 12" X 3/4",1 top surface polished, the other
surfaces sawed
                                    FOB Xiamen China  
     1) Light Gray            (G603)     USD 0.82/sq ft      
     2) Snow Grey          (G623)     USD 0.98/sq ft    
     3) Gold Coast          (G682)     USD 1.20/sq ft

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