Price list 1215 Marble tiles and slabs Turkey

We are a Turkish marble company operating in Ankara, Turkey. We have our own quarry for two types of beige marble called "Anatolian Beige" (light color) and "Hittite Beige" (darker color). Please find attached our prices for your review and do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information or samples. We can have the samples forwarded to you in a short time from our office in NJ, USA.
T I L E S12"x12"x1/2"ExFac$2.00per sq.ft.$2.10per sq.ft.$1.80per sq.ft.$1.90per sq.ft.
 FOB $2.25per sq.ft. $2.05per sq.ft.
 CIF NY $2.55per sq.ft. $2.35per sq.ft.
16"x16"x1/2"ExFac$3.20per sq.ft.$3.30per sq.ft.$3.00per sq.ft.$3.10per sq.ft.
 FOB $3.45per sq.ft. $3.25per sq.ft.
 CIF NY $3.75per sq.ft. $3.55per sq.ft.
18"x18"x1/2"ExFac$3.40per sq.ft.$3.50per sq.ft.$3.20per sq.ft.$3.30per sq.ft.
 FOB $3.65per sq.ft. $3.45per sq.ft.
 CIF NY $3.95per sq.ft. $3.75per sq.ft.
24"x24"x1/2"ExFac  $3.30per sq.ft.$3.40per sq.ft.
 FOB   $3.55per sq.ft.
 CIF NY   $3.85per sq.ft.
CUT T O             SIZE12"x12"x7/8"ExFac$2.10per sq.ft.$2.20per sq.ft.$1.90per sq.ft.$2.00per sq.ft.
 FOB $2.49per sq.ft. $2.29per sq.ft.
 CIF NY $2.99per sq.ft. $2.79per sq.ft.
12"x24"x7/8"ExFac$2.30per sq.ft.$2.40per sq.ft.$2.10per sq.ft.$2.20per sq.ft.
 FOB $2.69per sq.ft. $2.49per sq.ft.
 CIF NY $3.19per sq.ft. $2.99per sq.ft.
16"x16"x7/8"ExFac$2.50per sq.ft.$2.60per sq.ft.$2.30per sq.ft.$2.40per sq.ft.
 FOB $2.89per sq.ft. $2.69per sq.ft.
 CIF NY $3.39per sq.ft. $3.19per sq.ft.
24"x24"x7/8"ExFac$2.90per sq.ft.$3.00per sq.ft.$2.60per sq.ft.$2.80per sq.ft.
 FOB $3.29per sq.ft. $3.09per sq.ft.
 CIF NY $3.79per sq.ft. $3.59per sq.ft.
24"x24"x11/8"ExFac$3.70per sq.ft.$3.80per sq.ft.$3.50per sq.ft.$3.60per sq.ft.
 FOB $4.23per sq.ft. $4.03per sq.ft.
 CIF NY $5.00per sq.ft. $4.80per sq.ft.

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