Price list 1250 Chinese Slate China

We are dealing with all range of Chinese Slate and various colors. Please see to quotation showed below: 

  1. HYS018              30x30x1.0-1.5cm  Us$5.30/M2  CIF Singapore.

Multicolor Rust HYS015:   30x30x1.0-1.5cm  Us$5.30/m2     "

Multicolor Red HYS1120:   30x30x1.0-1.5cm  Us$5.30/m2     "

Green HYS010:             30x30x1.0-1.5cm  Us$8.00/m2     "

Oyster HYS014:            30x30x1.0-1.5cm  Us$10.00/m2    "

Please let us know if you are satisfied with the price. Another price will be quoted to you when you required.

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