Price list 1189 Travertine tiles USA

Turkish Travertines 

16”x16” Turkish Travertine Light                                                                $1.99 per/sq/f.
16”x16” Turkish Travertine Medium                                                    $1.99 per/sq/f.
18”x18” Turkish Travertine Classico Light                                           $1.99 per/sq/f.
18”x18” Turkish Travertine Classico Medium                                    $1.99 per/sq/f.
18”x18” Turkish Noce Travertine                                                               $2.50 per/sq/f.

French (Versailles) Pattern Travertine                                                     $2.99 per/sq/f.
4”x4” Tumbled Travertine (Noce, Yellow, Light colors)                       $2.49 per/sq/f.         

6”x6” Tumbled Travertine(Noce, Yellow, Light Colors)                       $2.49 per/sq/f.

All above materials are in stock in Anaheim, California.

Prices are based on minimum 2000sqf purchase.

We have more than 100,000sqf of travertine in stock.

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