Price list 768 Sandstone blocks and tiles Australia

Our Australian sandstone has the following generic qualities
Durability (% body loss from crystallization) 0.1-0.5%
Porosity Apparent 7-9%
Bulk Density 2.3 - 2.35
Clay Content 7-10 2?m %
Dry Compressive Strength 85-100 Mpa

Our product range is a number of colours:
Western Sunset
Antique White

We can cut to specification but have substantial reserves of block and slab.

Our prices are FOB Australia (West Coast):
$US650/m3 for export block
$US1000/m3 for slab (50mm-150mm)
$US95/m2 450x450x50mm tiles
$US70/m2 300x300x30mm tiles

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