Price list 1089 granite slabs and tiles Finland

e are currently offering natural stone tiles (granite, gabbro) of Russian origin (URAL-mountains, Central Russia), according to the following:

Stone type Handling Thickness Price (EUR)/ sq. m
MANSUR PALE GREY polished    
similar to: 
Snow White (Canada)
  20 35,0
  30 37,5
UFA DARK GREY polished    
similar to: 
Kuru Grey (FIN)
  20 35,0
  30 37,5
REDIE polished    
similar to:
Eagle Red (FIN)
  20 35,0
  30 37,5
SULTIE polished    
    20  35,0
    30 37,5
URAL SKY - Gabbro polished 20 42,5
similar to: Black Zimbabwe (ZA)    30 49,5

Conditions are as follows:

Standard sizes: 300х600x20,  300х300x20, others possible
Tiles handling: Calibrated and chamfered when polished
Delivery conditions: DAF Buslovskaja (Finnish-Russian border) by railroad.
Other conditions possible.
Packing: Solid wooden crates
Payment: to be agreed upon with the customer
Monthly qualities: appr. 1000-1200 sq. m. of polished tiles per month of each stone type possible
Please ask. As an approximate, we quote price of: Gabbro tiles of 20mm thickness, sizes 300-600x300, honed:
EUR 45/ sq.m on the above conditions.

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