Price list 1114 Slate tiles and slabs South Africa

All prices in USD per sqm FOB Durban.
Silver Blue SB
Rich Autumn RA
Multi Colour MC
West Country WC
Rosa Stone RS
Midnight Black MB
Diamond cut edge tiles in natural quarry face for flooring and walling.  
Calibrated /Even thick tiles - 12mm     
These tiles are calibrated at a constant thickness of 12mm.   
600 x 300 16.5022.2522.2519.2522.2516.00
400 x 400 17.5023.2523.2520.2523.2517.00
400 x 300 15.5021.2521.2517.5021.2515.50
400 x 200 15.0019.2520.2516.9519.2515.00
300 x 300 15.0017.0019.0016.5018.0014.50
300 x 200 14.0015.5018.0015.5017.0013.50
300 x 150 14.0015.5018.0015.5017.0013.50
200 x 200 14.0015.5018.0015.5017.0013.50
Un-calibrated tiles      
These tiles can be sorted at the crating stage into 2mm thickness variance.  
no. 19-11mm      
no. 211-13mm      
no. 313-15mm      
no. 415-17mm      
mm 11-17mm11-17mm11-17mm11-17mm11-17mm11-17mm
600 x 300 12.0018.2518.2515.2518.2512.00
400 x 400 13.0019.2519.2516.2519.2513.00
400 x 300 11.5017.2517.2513.5017.2511.50
400 x 200 11.0015.2516.2513.0015.2511.00
300 x 300 10.5013.0015.0012.5014.0010.50
300 x 200 9.5011.5014.0011.5013.009.50
300 x 150 9.5011.5014.0011.5013.009.50
200 x 200 9.5011.5014.0011.5013.009.50
Honed/Polished finished : Silver Blue and Rosa Stone can come in  
honed/polished finish at a additional charge of USD5.00 / sqm.   
Boxing : Both calibrated and un-calibrated tiles can be boxed at a additional  
charge of USD1.00 / sqm.      
Hand cut tiles in natural quarry face for flooring, roofing and walling.  
Please specify application when ordering as a different side of the tile is used for flooring,
roofing or walling.      
mm 6-15mm6-15mm6-15mm9-15mm  
405 x 280 8.5011.509.508.50  
355 x 280 8.5011.509.508.50  
355 x 255 8.5011.509.508.50  
305 x 305 8.0011.509.508.50  
305 x 225 8.0011.509.508.50  
Crazy paving       
Thickness 12-20 mm and size 200 - 400 mm x 400 - 1500 mm or as specified. 
Natural Quarry Face Tiles for Walling     
Size SBMCWC   
mm 7-9mm7-9mm7-9mm   
145 x 145 9.5014.0011.50   
Slate Slabs       
Slab prices available on request.     
Shipping Information 
Our minimum order quantities unless otherwise agreed and priced, are for full container loads.
One 20 foot 6 meter ISO container contains approximately :  
600m2 Diamond Sawn Edge Tiles  
700m2 Hand cut tiles 
300m2 Slabs 
400m2 Crazy Paving 
Boxing can be arranged at an additional charge of USD1-00 / m2. 
All material is packed for export in sturdy wooden crates. For 300 x 300 mm tiles we 
have two crate sizes, a small crate and a big crate. The small crate takes 280 pieces of 
boxed material, 10 pieces per box. The big crate takes 420 pieces of boxed material, 10 
pieces per box. The 400 x 400 mm tiles have 240 pieces of boxed material in a crate, 
6 pieces per box. If material is ordered without boxing we pack more pieces in a crate. 
Boxed material can also be supplied on pallets. 
Fumigation can be arranged if necessary at US$125-00 per container. 
Delivery :Three to four weeks from date of order to shipping date, depending on availability
of material and the sailing date of the vessel. 
Payment terms 
Irrevocable Letter of Credit

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